By Craig Sodaro,
in association with Pioneer Drama

Directed by Brentley Fletchall

Braveheart doesn’t have anything on Chickenheart — a hysterical medieval melodrama!  Faced with marriage to the despicable Sir Cutbert Cleever, Lady Emma does what any liberated medieval woman would do — she runs!  Lady Emma and her maid, May, disguise themselves and hide out at the Abbey of the Little Sisters of St. Meade.  But Sir Cutbert, the king’s tax collector, tracks his betrothed to her hiding place, where the six members of the order are having their own problems.  First, Sir Cutbert is determined to take over the abbey, which owes him tax money, and make it his home.  Second, a strange green light has affected the Mother Abbess, making her jive talk and spout knock-knock jokes.  Norman, the frightened tailor nicknamed Chickenheart, is following Sir Cutbert, because he has sewn the tax collector’s wedding coat.  More important, he is pursuing Lady Emma because he loves her...  he’s just too scared to tell her.  Gerty, Norman’s sister, thinks her brother is crazy, but when he is mistaken as an apparition of St. Meade, Norman is able to enjoy special favor at the abbey.  Emma really opens a Pandora’s box when she suggests that the nuns put on a show in order to raise money for the taxes.  Luckily, this wild plan enables Norman to muster what little courage he has, face Sir Cutbert in a hysterical swordfight and win the lady of his dreams.



Lady Emma Chalfont - Leah Jane Keffer

Mother Margaretta - Kathy Nicodemus
Sir Cutbert Cleever - Andy Miller

Norman - Floyd Stewart

Maid May - Mio Haggard

Nik - Kai (Andi) Oliphant
Sister Daphne - Anne Gables

Sister Agatha - Marca Robinson

Sister Crustacia - Mary Alice Keffer

Sister Mathilda - Jane Willis

Sister Petrinella -Sue Klassen

Mother - Janel Riley

Gerty - Ella Wheeler
And Introducing: Mya as the Beggar

Featured Community Artist:

In partnership with Fury Printing in Cassville, SKITS takes immense pride in unveiling a captivating journey through our history. We are delighted to present an extraordinary exhibition that not only showcases the artistic prowess of our community but also commemorates a decade of joyous entertainment we have had in the Shell Knob community.

This exhibition serves as a retrospective celebration, offering patrons and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to relive cherished memories and witness the evolution of our artistic endeavors. With great anticipation, we eagerly look forward to sharing this rich archive with the public, illuminating the narratives of our past events, and forging new connections within the community to create a future filled with memorable moments.

Join us as we honor our history, celebrate the creative spirit that defines SKITS, and collaborate with the community to lay the foundation for another decade of unparalleled entertainment and cultural enrichment in Shell Knob. We invite you to partake in this cultural journey, where the past meets the present, and together, we shape the vibrant future of the performing arts in our beloved community.


Tickets For this show are no longer on sale.

Thank You All For A Wonderfull Show